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​Ambassadors Life Center is a community organization committed to end generations of poverty by economic development, educational services, providing food, clothing, referral services and community fellowship for homeless individuals and families in need.


Making a Difference in Our Communities

At Ambassadors Life Center, we’re helping to fight hunger. According to the USDA, nearly one in six people in the U.S. are food insecure, and nearly one in five children. As one of few non-profit food pantries in the Stockbridge area, we offer food to help address this issue.

Lending a Hand When Disaster Strikes: Humanitarian Aid:

At ALC, we pride ourselves on being the neighbor to rely upon, so we reach out to help when disaster strikes. We work with the United Way, to support victims of natural disasters like tornadoes, floods, and earthquakes.  And, during times of crisis, our volunteers, sponsors and partners pitch in too, by making cash contributions and volunteering in the communities.
Promoting Volunteer Service to Drive Change:
Whether it’s packing food at a food bank, or throwing a community youth fair, our patrons believe in giving back to their communities through donations of time, talent and money. We’re proud of how our volunteers, sponsors and partners come together, roll up their sleeves and lend a hand year round. 


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